Share your stories of your first time stepping into the World of Warcraft!

It was WOTLK. My first max lvled toon was a Death Knight (Leveled mage to 55 first, then she "mysteriously" got killed, the Lich King found her... you know the story.)

Anyway my friend kinda forced me to go after this Naxxramas everybody was talking about. I was just a lowly dungeon crawler then, fast clearing heroics and getting items. But then, I've always wanted to try out the big stuff, so I joined this group. The first time I stepped into that raid portal... It was the feeling of awesome. There a bunch of people I knew, and a whole lot others. We were all kinda nervous, there were first-timers like me. Only the Raid leader and a couple of people knew the boss mechanics fully.

Anyway... my role as a Unholy DK was a alt-tank(whatever that meant. I just tanked stuff the raidmaster called). The first couple bosses were easy, most of them I didn't even do much except DPS, the main-tank-raidmaster pretty much tanked the bosses untill they were dead. The nasty parts I remember was when we had to run around and dodge the green sludge floors, and the separate rooms.

Of course, I fucked up as much as the others, I had no idea that a raid was supposed to be this long. I was never prepared for this. All the wipes, all the frustration following it, the drama, etc. I was in a PC cafe, I had to pay extra to extend my time twice, had to call home to explain why I will be going home late (without sounding weird).

After a total of numerous wipes, we finally reached Kelthuzard. The bastard was the final guy leading us home. After this guy we could be free. Free from all the madness and the tyranny. Maybe the World of Warcraft would be safer.

Of course we just had to jump into more numerous wipes. I wasn't even trying to look focused. 7 hours straight for a first timer... was just too much for me to swallow (phrasing).

Then the final moment has arrived. It was phase three, I was just released of MC, but the Raid leader had just died. Kelthuzaad had less than 5% health. Suddenly, we had a chance. The tired-as-fuck raid leader suddenly become agitated. "ENDCHAN TAUNT TAUNT TAUNT , JUST HANG IN THERE, HOLY-PALADINS FOCUS YOUR HEALZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, EVERYBODY JUST BURN HIM OFF". Oh I was ready. I rammed and whacked at that boss furiously, casting my unholy runes at the lich, trying to save every inch of my life as I do it.


Finally, we have finished the evil wizard himself. However, the raid members were more furious than happy. I was the only one celebrating. Then I saw the achievements. I achieved this while I was finishing him(a split second before, so that everybody could see).

I had totally forgotton about the death-durability thing that my weapons were broken for a long time, and I was totally punching the enemies for about a good 2-3 hours.

  • I was the first BElf monk.

  • I punched Kel-Thuzaad in the face and lived to tell about it.

  • I was the first monk to kill a raid boss and be kicked out of a guild 5 minutes after.

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