She-Hulk will have 9 episodes + Benedict Wong joins cast

You are absolutely correct, my problem with the Marvel TV shows is that none of them (except for Moon Knight) feel standalone or long enough to truly explore the character/concept that they are centred around, making them seem more like Season 12 of the MCU rather than a single distinct season of that show.

Moon Knight was quite separated from the MCU as a whole with little to no references (to the MCU), but it wanted to do so much in such a small runtime, e.g. saving the world, exploring Marc and Steven's backstory, unravelling the mysteries of the main character's multiple personalities, etc, that the interesting concepts and great performances (mostly by Oscar) don't shine as much, making the show feel merely alright, at least in my opinion.

I just hope eventually they start giving the individual show creators more freedom so that we can get more shows like 'Daredevil' (1st and 3rd seasons).

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