Honestly, this post isn't even insane. It's just a call back to tradition and the way things used to be. I, as a woman, actually really like this post, and I would like to be a housewife at some point if I ever can be. I get it, not all women want that, but it just seems like people act like no woman could ever want to stay at home to do these things.

I don't want to go to some 9-6 job everyday doing something I don't care about when I can just stay home and do the cooking and cleaning so that when my husband comes home, he can sit back and relax from his long day at work. It's a forgotten form of romance and partnership where domestic duties fall upon one member so the other can worry about things outside the house.

I get that our economy sucks for this kind of dynamic, but never say it's impossible because it isn't. Tradition is a beautiful thing people shit on all the time because it's become politicized.

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