Sheetz is Western Pennsylvania's best regional fast-food chain, according to USA Today contest

I prefer Wawa over Sheetz. Food is better. Yes Sheetz has fried food, but it tastes like the oil hasn't been changed in years. And if you ever let one of their burgers get cold, they literally solidify into this weird mass of f grade meat that is the most unappetizing thing on earth. They used to sell Krispy Kreme donuts but they don't anymore either.

Wawa does sandwiches and beverages, and while the quality isn't as great as it used to be, I can eat half a hoagie, fridge the rest, and it's still fine later or the next day.

Also I don't like the fact that if you get there after 7pm every freaking Sheetz has a crowd of guys in riced out Honda civics who use it as a starting point for drag racing.

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