Sheiko Program Review – Advanced Small Load Preparations 1-2

Duties and Responsibilities: Intelligence Planner within the Cyber Enabled Intelligence Section of USASOC G2 and primary advisor to the G2 Cyber OIC. Responsible for determining training requirements, scheduling training, coordinating tool testing, liaising with higher echelons to exchange ideas, composing OSINT/PAI policy, proper dissemination of intelligence information and products to subordinate, adjacent, and higher echelons, training and informing OSINT POCs at lower echelons, and integrating new intelligence systems in the current COCOM architecture and adjustments of Standard Operations Procedures to accommodate changes in technology. Performance Objectives: Provide relevant operational and strategic level intelligence to increase the CG's understanding of the enemy environment. Provide the DCS G2 and G2 Cyber OIC with the most accurate and timely information available. Compose OSINT/PAI policy that keeps Soldiers within the limits of their legal authorities while providing freedom to accomplish their mission. Train soldiers to conduct OSINT/PAI research. Coordinate with adjacent staff sections and higher/lower echelons to enable PAI collection and enhance the Commander's understanding of the OE. Lead, train, and develop OSINT POCs. Posture section to ensure knowledge is passed from current to future staff in order to reduce loss of knowledge. Remain flexible to assist the G2 Cyber OIC in any assignments or additional duties to enhance his/her ability to support the CG and. DCS G2.

Accomplishments: Held the additional duty of Primary Billing Official for the G2 section: responsible for cardholders with a combined monthly credit limit of $21,000. Received a commendation for being the Airborne School Officer Honor Graduate. Action Officer for the 2016 USASOC Commander's Conference. Oversaw 12x Soldiers as I coordinated behind the scenes actions to enable the CG to share his mission and vision for the enterprise with O6 and higher commands. Developed and briefed weekly intelligence estimates to the DCS G2 and staff. Co-authored a paper that informed FORSCOM policy on electronic warfare. Co-authored a point paper on Russian cyber capabilities in Syria that informed the CG on potential COAs.

Character: Be an example for others to follow by living the Army Values. Be an advisor to the DCS, G2. Seek the right answer, not the easy answer. Lead from the front.

Always accountable for my actions and whereabouts. Provided realistic assessments and recommendations for current training initiatives to the DCS G2 and G2 Cyber OIC. Candor and integrity beyond reproach. Supports the Army SHARP and EO programs.

Presence: Lead by example by scoring over 270 on the Army Physical Fitness Test. Continue to pursue physical excellence outside of Army PT by following a strength training regimen. Be a leader others will want to follow.

Exceeded the standard by scoring over 90 points on each physical fitness test event, earning the Army Physical Fitness Badge while following a strenuous strength training regimen. Maintained a professional demeanor and appearance at all times. Briefed senior leaders from multiple organizations in a knowledgeable manner based on analysis and reason.

Intellect: Continue to pursue professional development opportunities. Be the USASOC subject matter expert in all matters of cyber-enabled intelligence. Gain acceptance into a Masters’ program to further enhance career development while expanding knowledge base.

Conducted TDY travel to further enhance cyber knowledge and enhance organizational understanding of the field. Coordinated with lower echelons to provide training for Soldiers conducting OSINT and PAI Research. Sought answers to potential issues before they arose to better direct G2 decisions in the cyber field.

Leads: Take responsibility for all actions relating to my section. Lead by example: always do the right thing. Ensure Soldiers are prepared for the demands the OSINT discipline.

Designed, established, and supervised training tracker for OSINT. Tracked Soldier's qualifications, arranges for additional training and encouraged Soldier's professional growth in the OSINT/PAI research discipline. Supervised 12x Soldiers that were recognized with the CG's coin for their support in the 2016 USASOC Commander's Conference.

Develops: Utilize all training resources to professionally develop myself and peers. Always be available to discuss issues. Train Soldiers within the field section to be proficient at all tasks required.

Coordinated training events to ensure Soldiers were properly trained to use OSINT tools. Actively pursued training opportunities outside the required curricula for others, namely COSMO/CASO, Open Source Level 1, and Marine Corps OSINT Training.

Achieves: Ensure all staff sections are aware of the cyber enabled intelligence section's capabilities and functions. Synergistically communicate with lower, adjacent, and higher units. Ensure units know G2 Cyber's capabilities.

All POCs within USASOC are trained to request support through proper channels and answer their Commander's questions with regards to OSINT/PAI. All units are provided adequate training opportunities to ensure a robust and competent workforce. Facilitated a cohesive work environment based on effective communication and assistance.

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