Shenmue 3 is now an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC

I'm sick of talking about launchers when that wasn't the original point of my post.

I responded to a poster who said that people rage when Epic has an exclusive, but not Steam. And I explained my view point that what they are doing is anti consumer to deliberately influence 3rd party games to remove choices from the buyer.

If I buy a $20 dollar EGS gift card, or a $20 dollar Steam gift card for my nephew as a gift, I don't want him to be unable to use it because the game he wants is deliberately not on Steam or EGS because one storefront or the other one paid to have it be exclusive.

Paying to keep games off of a storefront is anti-consumer. This is why a lot of people are annoyed at Epic exclusives and not annoyed at Steam, irregardless of whatever launcher the game uses.

If you disagree with that assessment, then we are just not going to agree on this point, period.

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