Sheriff's deputies smash through a window and rescue nine-year-old from a house fire - seconds before it explodes in flames

I have speculations, but I’m pessimistic.

I have two ideas; first obviously stated, meth lab.

Second, attempted murder, hear me out. I’m 4’11 and just at 100lbs, the superhuman shit I’ve done to protect my kids is absolutely unreal. I’ve grabbed my two children, 60lbs and 40lbs off couches and covered them with my body as best I could, (I’ve never wished so badly to be a 300lb 6’5 man in my whole life) in less than two seconds when an asshole decided to shoot off his gun right out side our apartment to scare his girlfriend. Once I tossed my child literally out of a pool to save someone else’s kid from drowning. There are countless incidents of parents doing super human things to save their spawn.

Why where these parents not in the house? Why didn’t they have a key? Do not tell me that you couldn’t fucking break a window with that metal chair right by it, not mom nor dad? Doesn’t balance. And they had time, fire can spread quick, but the police alone had 2 minutes at minimum from the footage here. Something’s off. And the only article was produced a day after the incident, I think we should wait for the actual investigation and not just “moms” word.

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