She's 14 years old and still going strong

My boy was 14 years old, going strong too. Somedays hed even have the energy of a puppy, seemed like he was going to be a very old dog.

Then I moved out, and 2 months later he was diagnosed with oral cancer. The vet told my mom his prognosis was about 2 months. It seemed impossible, he was so healthy, and now theres this little bump on his mouth thats going to kill him within 120 days? No way. Everything else is great, its just a small bump. 1 month post diagnosis and itss a big mass on the side and roof of his mouth, he cant even eat his favorite foods anymore. Beef jerky was like crack to him and the last 2 times i visited him all he could do was look at it.

It was about 45 days from diagnosis until he had to be put down, his mouth would gush blood if he wasnt careful, and being a dog, he was never careful.

I love you bud, I miss you

Sorry to take your old dog post and add some sad shit, its only been a month and I needed to vent.

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