She's the hero we didn't need but definitely deserved.

Living longer doesnt mean shit if life itself is a fucking torture. Most people I know are fucked in the head, mostly because we are all wage slaves (thanks to late stage capitalism)

Id rather live 60 years happy than 100 years being miserable honestly.

The bit about freedom… why dont people realise that “democracy” doesnt equal freedom? You are being monitored 24/7, the elites are still in power and the goverment cannot be kicked out of power because democracy divides the countries in half and one side would oppose the other. And as I said, you are owned by corporations, even if you are a small bussiness owner.

I really dont think that we are happier than people in ancient greece or something. I have no way of checking this, but depression is a real blight in the world right now.

Oh, but please dont misunderstand, I think women getting more rights is great, equality should be guaranteed.

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