Shhh let him sleep

True story: running a drop op out of a hotel. There was 50k in overall product some of it very very illegal some was just weed. Left, forgot to put do not disturb. I came back, everything was the way It was left it took me a minute to realize. I had things on the bed, in the bathroom, on the tables etc all a real mess it was sloppy. I noticed I had fresh sheets and towels tho. Bed I slept in, with product sitting on top was made. They had carefully picked up every single thing on the bed and remade the bed put boxes back on. Stacked things nicely in the bathroom bathroom put back fresh towels. Heart sank, loaded everything onto three of those hotel trolley cart things and dipped. Then I started laughing. The hilarity of it all. Those Latino maids just want to keep their jobs lol. I thought I was about to get stung and they swapped room service for agents or something. Na, why would they have made my bed and put it all back? Fun times.

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