SHIB Price in the future

No they didn’t. Doge may not have a cap on mined coins but it does have a yearly limit. This is somewhat of a way to hedge against inflation.

For ex: the US dollars has no cap on creation. It never has, never will. That why Freedom Bucks lose value every second a new “coin” is minted.

Something like Bitcoin does have a cap on creation tho. It gets exponentially harder to mine every coin as one is created. Having a cap mean that nothing else will ever be created. The guess is the last bitcoin will be mined in like 50-100 years. Could be 20 years. Could be 1,000. No one really knows for sure. Quantum computing breakthroughs could change that. No one really knows.

Shiba has not only a cap, but every coin ever created is already in existence. $1,000 trillion to be exact. The only way it ever increases in price is if it’s adopted as a real currency. Literally, businesses have to accept it as payment for goods/services. Will that happen? Who the fuck knows. Right now it’s a P&D. Buy dips, sell peaks. It’s specifically ONLY a profit vehicle based on speculation.

Again, math is your friend. Learn to do basic multiplication and you’ll see why it will never hit anything close to $0.001. It’s mathematically impossible.

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