Ship slapfight in /r/Genshin_Impact. Does OP get off to murder or are big hats enough of a reason to draw two characters together?

unfortunately i have been involved in communities in the past where the majority were adults in their late twenties or older and shipping drama was like their entire lives. the dynamic was very much like some teenager tweeting out "i don't like [ship] lol" or and then a horde of full grown adults descending to have a five day long meltdown about how persecuted they are and how childishly childish it is to make personal posts on your personal accounts about your personal opinions because some poor (but very mature) adult out there might see it by mistake and get their feelings hurt.

sorry for the long response it's just like the most unbelievable thing until you see it in action and realize that these people are really out there and desperately need to log off.

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