This is the shit Mormons teach their youth. "Whatever you show me, I'll think I can touch - So if you don't want that, then don't show me much." Teaching young women that THEY are at fault for male lust.

Mormonism is one of the most dope religions I'm aware of. I grew up in it, still very close to it, but very nonreligious. The more I spend time around it, the more I'm impressed with it's ability to bring the members of a local community together and teach a very balanced, kind, and giving world-view.

Say what you want about magic underwear and golden books, the church taught me to live a very honest and loving life, to give freely and do my very best to forgive others. I was raised with the idea that the supposed "life and teachings" of Jesus Christ were noble and ideal ways to live.

Along with going to Boy Scouts, I found my childhood characterised by a sense of belonging within a very warm and tight-knit local community that I could always fall back on in times of need, and I personally was never let down.

The church has it's flaws, surely. But as a crucible to help form young men and women into respected and trustworthy members of society, it does its best. And succeeds often.

The slide in OP's post was made by a kooky old lady for a Thursday morning Seminary class in some midwestern relief society room. And unless this is in Utah, the kids in attendance were either asleep, on their phone reading reddit, or studying for APUSH anyways. The youth are not so misguided as to buy these things wholesale. Although I bet I'd feel yucky if I were a girl at that lesson. But whatever, I know Mormons are easy to get uppity about. How dare they be weird. Pce

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