[Shitpost] Sincerely, everybody going into anything other than OBGYN or Family med.

Don’t worry, I’ll probably have a problem with neuro too. The OBGYN as a primary care is the opposite argument from what I’m making. I think it’s important for OBGYNs to have a broad medical knowledge for the exact reason you gave, however, people aren’t going to their non-OBGYN specialists for routine obstetric care. You could replace ophtho with almost any specialty because OBGYN is half the population, but almost every other specialty is 100% of the population (ENT, Ortho, Anesthesia, dermatology, etc). I can’t argue your point on sheer volume of OBGYNs though, that’s very true. It definitely should be on the test and in medical education, I just think it is overemphasized for the majority of docs and is more specific for the eventual OBGYN docs who will actually use the information.

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