Shitty customers of reddit! Why are you the way you are?!

First off, I would suggest you remove the company name and insert (Large company) in case this blows up and becomes a libel thing.

What you need here isn't just a recording... it's also data.

Your accusations are the hardest kind to prove and, I suspect, are largely the result of a misunderstanding. Let's start at the beginning:

  • "Projects are marked up and sold between departments." This is what big companies are supposed to do. When companies don't do this they make bad capital allocation decisions because all their resources are consumed by artificially cheap internal work. The basic principle here is "treat another department like a different company" OR use capitalism within your company. If they were actually using these "TRANSFER RATES" to justify huge deductions, that might be illegal. But it would also be REALLY obvious to external auditors because receipts would not match payroll. Essentially impossible this is really happening

  • "Projects are supposed to run off little to no actual capital." Also what you're supposed to do. Companies routinely underestimate the cost of their own capital "It seems free!" and make bad investment decisions. Read this:

  • "Right this moment there’s an outage that isn’t being resolved" prove it. Proof requires a lot, for starters I would guess: (1) how long they have to fix such an outage by law; (2) who is actually in charge of it; (3) what it would take to fix it; (4) that they are still charging people despite not fixing the service; etc. etc. Whistleblowers use thousands of incriminating internal memoranda to prove this sort of thing... not hearsay

  • "They are in the business of providing the bare minimum service" this is not illegal. This is how business works. If everyone were in the business of providing the maximum service, everyone would go bankrupt

  • "Especially in the form of manipulated stock values" this is probably the hardest thing to prove in the your whole post. How are they directly misleading investors about the value of the company and where do you have proof of executives directly misleading investors / wall st.?

I can go on with this but most things follow this same basic pattern.

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