Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara - Episode 3 discussion

Usually I always say bro this is a cooking show, not an action show so what if its "a powerpoint slide" you just need to show solid foodgasms, dope VA delivering their lines, and hype moments with awesome OST. But mannnnnn this episode looked straight up like shit, animation wise especially. JC Staff is trash (And this is the first time I've called them this NOT EVEN DURING OPM S2) like I don't expect a lot of movement because.. well there in one stage you can't really do much, but theres seriously no movement at all, even the foodgasms felt weak today. Especially with Kuga's battle and speaking of that battle that was also weakly executed, like we got this backstory that really didn't do anything for me and then when Tsukasa won it was like ok... thats it? Like what? When Tsukasa beats someone like Kuga you'd expect a lot more of a reaction, I myself don't know if it had more of impact in the manga, but damn that was just straight up cheese and I didn't care for it. Heres hoping they at least get Soma's next battle hype af.

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