Shooting Stars | E26 | 220105

So, I did the usual first pass with no subs. I was very satisfied with this episode, haha.

First, it took the Giants four matches to finally get a win. This was also Actionista's fourth, so I'm glad they didn't need to wait longer than that.

Heckham and Jlatan have crazy stamina. They were able to make so many openings and run all the way across the field many times in no time flat. I was very impressed. I don't know how many other teams can match that.

Wonder Woman is in a deep hole. They have Gavengers, Top Girl, and Anaconda left, so I think they have a good chance of getting a win or two, but they're looking in rough shape for advancing to the upper league, and I'm very surprised by that, both because of their preseason matches and because of how much hype and screen time they've gotten.

Also, why are they trying so hard to make Wonder Woman a thing? It seems really forced. I can't buy LCS as a coach for an underdog, either. He has too much of an abrasive personality (abrasive might not be the word I'm looking for here, but still). He's more suited to be coaching a final boss rather than a team that needs improvement. It's nice seeing him humbled, though.

Cheetah is pretty dead weight, but Seulgi is probably the deadest weight on the team. She was basically a loudspeaker for most of the match, giving the coach's orders in a higher pitch. If Jae Hwa got crap for how she played in season one, I can't imagine people are being too kind to Seulgi now.

Bada vs. Minkyung looks interesting. I'm impressed that Bada was able to get Minkyung off her feet in the preview. It's looking like next episode could be competitive, or they were doing their usual magic of making something seem more competitive than it was.

Overall, this was a great episode from what I saw. Looking forward to subs. :D

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