Short Film creator gets called out for buying karma to promote film in /r/Videos

So, tinfoil hat on. I'm an independent artist and I post my work on Reddit all the time. (different account)

I've had my work get top of /r/all multiple times on various subreddits. But something is always off when I post to /r/videos. Last time I posted one of my videos on there, I got a great response from people in the comments, but my upvotes just didn't budge. I was actively getting downvoted but wasn't receiving any negative comments.

I noticed that a few seconds after me someone posted some random Star Wars fan video. It had pretty low engagement in the comments at first but had like 10x upvotes than me in the same amount of time. Then saw it skyrocket to the top of /r/all while my video and many other people's videos just stayed in upvote limbo.

Honestly, with a sub that has 16 Million readers, I suspect there's a lot of different industries utilizing bots on there. To both upvote their own content, and push down competing content. If you think about it from an advertising budget perspective, it's a no brainer. These bot sites are insanely underpriced for the amount of exposure you can get. Paying a few hundred or thousand bucks to get your content seen by tens of millions of people is better RIO than any other advertising platform I can think of. Especially since the end result doesn't even look like an ad, it just looks like an organic post on Reddit that people liked.

Obviously I have no proof for any of this, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But it just seems very obvious to me.

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