I shot this short a while back, it was my first time shooting on a Red Epic. I would love to hear any feedback or criticism regarding cinematography or color you guys might have. Thanks so much!!

Nice work overall. But you didn't come here for that.

There were some things that bothered me about the grade. I don't want to take time to call out specific shots, but I think in general each scene could stand a better technical correction before grading. Blacks are inconsistent and some shots are milky.

Not sure if you used a LUT to get an organic color response, but there was oversaturation here and there. It needs to be tamed. I remember an oversaturated red shirt.

Wrt framing there were quite a few medium CUs that were shot low. E.g. him outside - too much hair and above. Look for them here and there.

I really liked him outside framed left and looking left. Nice feeling. I wish her corresponding shot was equally artful.

You didn't ask for feedback on the edit, but anyhoo.. I thought the dream could have been set off somehow to better connote a dream. Avoiding too much cliche, of course, but something perhaps with the grade. The cafe was already a new look, so going back to home interiors without some dream device was disorienting not in a good way for me.

Lead was positively great. Awesome physical match sweet facial acting. She was striking (ha) but her acting was void before her anticipated lines. Perhaps the edit could have hid those deficiencies with less linear cuts, J/L's, reactions, transplanted dialog.

I get where the music was going, but the execution cheapened the result for me. I would keep trying. I don't think the low-fi synth fits the decidely organic look and subject matter. Acoustic instrumentation would better fit the world and as such provide better emotional glue. Music is hard but the film is worth it.

Overall I feel that you have the footage for a superb piece, but only got a fraction of its potential in post.

Btw kissing the ball gag was brilliant. I smiled.

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