Should I (18/F) stop talking to my "friend" (18/M) who I have been texting everyday for 5-6 years?

Thank you for answering. I agree that my jealousy was uncalled for. I wish I was above it. But a week before he was telling me he promised he wouldn't lose interest in me when I mentioned him meeting other girls. I didn't ask for him to say that. And the day before he told me he was dating someone else he was flirting with me. Or at least looking for an ego boost. It messed with my head. I didn't want him waiting around for me, I always told him not to promise me that because I am sensitive towards that sort of thing. I agree that I have used him my fair share of times as well but is using each other like this really what friends are for? I really care about him and I worry about him. But I am worried I am not good for him and vice versa. There have been multiple times where I would try to establish a track but his feelings are very inconsistent. I believe he is putting in effort to change that but I don't think I could handle him changing his mind again. It is difficult like you said though because when I don't talk to him I just worry.

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