Should I (19F) break up with my boyfriend (19M) for ignoring me for days when ever we fight?

I would only advise a break up if you can't otherwise resolve the communication issue you seem to be stuck with. Him ignoring you when you have a disagreement is a red flag. It means that rather than communicating and working through issues, one side is stonewalling (refusing to communicate, also known as 'the silent treatment') until the other stops trying to engage with them about their concerns and the issue goes ignored until it crops up again.

Stonewalling is a form of abuse, hence why his ignoring you is a red flag. It's a manipulation tactic designed to make the victim (you) concede and give up trying to voice their concerns as they're never addressed. It shows a lack of respect for you as a person, as any issue or concern that you have can simply be ignored by him until you fall back in line. The end result of stonewalling, as you yourself have discovered, is simply that the victim feels uncared for and that their opinion doesn't matter.

His suggestion that he's doing it to avoid you both hurting each other in the heat of the moment is likely how he rationilises the behavior to himself, but it's not okay. It's also a bullshit rationilisation as he's hurting you anyway by refusing to communicate, hence you now wondering whether he's worth the hassle.

You are both still very young, so he may have just made a grave misjudgment on how he should handle conflict in a relationship. I'd say talk to him about it and work out a way to communicate healthily between each other. That said, if he absolutely refuses to change, there's plenty of fish in the sea...

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