Should I (22M) become ethical non-monogamous again with my partner (21F)

We were a team because we leant on each other for emotional support, we cared for each other. We helped each other genuinely upgrade life. She has thanked me for helping her a lot in life and vice versa.

What we're working towards in the future? We've been planning for about 6 months to move in with each other, we came up with the plan to meet up at the end of this month and get an apartment, but this visa process is difficult and her idea of self-love is dissociating from any stress. Because of this I haven't had any help with the visa process until very recently because she saw that I was having an extremely hard time with it.

What's the point in been in this relationship? Who doesn't want to date their best friend and spend the rest of their life with them? Being in a relationship to me means you give yourself over to someone, you put all your trust in them and vice versa. It means helping each other grow as people. It means finding your other half who makes you feel whole.

If we remove this lable what am I losing? It'll be like losing apart of me.

Boundaries and rules are set up to help protect yourself. I never denied her of someone else for the first year+ of our relationship. She told me she didn't want to sleep with anyone else. Every 3 months we would have a talk about how everything is going and in one of those talks she told me that she wants to be mono. At this stage I admit I should have told her I hadn't slept with anyone else.

Her version of self-love is her meeting her own needs while completely disregarding anyone else's, I don't know why you included that in your comment.

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