Should I Add A 100 Calorie "Padding"?

OP for as much as you exercise, you SHOULD NOT be eating as little as 1200 calories. You should be eating 1800 calories at least probably. Eating so little as a teenager can cause severe life long issues, in particular for women.

You are at a very normal and healthy weight for your age. You can strive to strengthen your body but you should not be trying to starve yourself to fit one ideal body composition. Starving yourself as a growing teenager is incredibly dangerous and you don't need to lose weight. Between your exercise and growing body, you literally NEED to eat more calories than you are.

Along with that, starvation can actually destroy muscle. If you aren't eating enough, you may lose what muscle you have due to your body trying to burn enough calories to survive. Eating so little may actually be the cause of your problems and by eating more, you can develop more muscle and therefore looked more toned.

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