This should be an achievement: figuring out how to watch Wheatley "hack" the door open while my back was turned [Portal 2]

I don't want be a dick, but I dont think you know what postmodernism is. Go read some baudrillard or something..

There's a really good lecture series online by this guy named rick roderick, he's this southern professor and he's actually a really good speaker. It wasnt droll, it was very digestible.

I had a professor give me one of his books from a class he used to teach from before they cut his class, it's called "The Norton Anthology of Theory & Criticism". It gives a pretty comprehensive overview of just literature in general, so not just postmdernism. It really helps to understand these things for when you have a frame of reference, it contextualizes things. You kind of start to the sort of pendulum of thought over time.

I WOULD recommend James Burke's 'web of knowledge' project where he links up how different, i mean cross disciplinary different, affected each other and how one style of thought in one thing, like maybe architecture, got influenced through literature or something else. He takes a surgical approach, often linking certain pioneers of movements to direct inventions. So, rather than drowning in all the philosphical jabber, which is exhausting, it takes this very simple historic approach. You're able to see very plainly, through letters or whatever, the actual relationships that newton might have had wit i dont know, the inventor of the graham cracker and from their your able to tie that back to Galileo by showing what the cultural atmosphere was like of that time. However, he hasnt yet finished it. You can go on his site and itll give you a brief overview of what he's doing, or at least aiminh to do.

Sidenote: james burke also did these really good documentaries, one was called connections and it's, in my opinion, the progenator of that project.

This is way more than you probably asked for but didn't want to be that guy that just lords over, "Oh, you've never read blah blah blah, you must be an idiot". It really has nothing to do with that. It's ultimately just about access to the information and knowing where to go, it has nothing to do with being "smart". Its such a douchey thing to do, thats why I didnt want to make it seem like I was mocking you and instead try to direct you to people way smarter and way nore qualified to explain these things.

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