Should I break up with my bf (24m) of 4 years for doing coke with his parents?

So I had an ex bf who told me upfront he occasionally does coke. His first time was with his mom at a party. Okay, weird, I'm not into the whole drug thing. He assured me it was a casual thing and he only did it with friends.

It became a problem when he couldn't stop. When I loaned him money to pay rent and he would come up with excuses that he deserved some coke when he did get money. He would walk into my apartment at 8am when I got ready for school, still drunk and high from the night before. He would dump me and beg me to come back in the same breath.

He promised so many, many times that he would stop and get sober. He never did. And he lied many, many times about it.

Don't get me wrong, he had other problems with mental illness. To this day I don't really like drugs. My current partner got incredibly nervous when he thought I saw some of his old vape pods and I assured him I know he doesn't vape, or if he does it's socially (which doesn't happen that often anyway). I have a tolerance for smoking/taking drugs, but if someone says he doesn't know when to stop, doesn't want to stop, or can't stop, it's a huge problem.

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