Should we build a bigger particle collider? - Sixty Symbols

The answer to this question is always, "Yes."

We would've achieved all the LHC's science by 2000 (And then some, because the SSC was 40% more luminous than the LHC) if Congress had been able to come up with another $10B.

Out of $1.4T

Instead, US Particle Physics was gutted and the center of the community shifted to Europe. It about fifteen years the work over the prior 70 of establishing the US as the pre-eminent scientific power in this field was destroyed.

And the crazy thing is, the amount of money is so phenomenally small as compared with other expenditures. The ISS, eg, cost about 10-15x as much as the SSC (but the SSC was cancelled to make room for it). We could have cancelled a single ISS module and used the savings to build the SSC.

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