Should dining customers start asking the managers to tip their server instead of you after a good experience ?

Just saw this post asking why you should be expected to pay more just because your meal was more expensive ? 20% tip on a 10$ meal, sure 2$! Take it. 20% tip on a 200$ meal? 40$ ? I could get 4 of other meals for that tip amount.

It's my opinion that if managers or employers arent going to pay their servers, you as the customer should be able to: enjoy a meal, acknowledge your server was pleasant, did well, knew their stuff and then call the manager over and say, "Hey, this server was exceptional, pay them extra tonight."

Force them to pay their tip. Imagine that scenario for a second. Imagine calling the manager over after an expensive meal and praising their server and asking them to tip the server since their pay relies so heavily on tips. What're they gonna say? "No"?

Wait, I just told you that the server did exceptionally well and deserves a good tip and you as the manager are going to say no? "No, what?" No they don't?

I never have but I'd much rather ask a manager to tip a server and have them say no just for them to experience the hypocrisy they expect of paying customers.

Always a 20% tipper but fuck tip culture.

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