Should we feed the leviathan, let it breed, and try to tame it, or cut off its head?

Can't make blanket statements about regulation.

No argument, simply "you can't do that."

The meme implies both are bad. Read it again...

The meme implies that handing over more power to government can't ever solve the problem of corruption. Read it again...

Capital doesn't have to give one person or entity "more freedoms" over another individual. Governing can fix it and we have come a long way since the Gilded Age.

There is no such thing as having "freedom over another individual." That's slavery. Again, socialist rhetoric. The "freedom" to purchase advertisements shouldn't be restricted simply because you don't like what they say.

Votes do matter more than money because government seats normally don't have outright auctions. However, saying your 12 person team can go up against Trump or Obama's network of money and influence is laughable.

Obama and Trump are not the only people who create laws. You're literally comparing my team to the largest campaigns in American history, of course it's going to look lopsided. That doesn't make me wrong.

What if all corporations are doing is assfucking people? Are you gonna start a business to outcompete them on assfucking? No, you need to make assfucking illegal.

By employing them? You think the corporation is a sadistic entity that exists solely to torture and kill the people who voluntarily work for them? What about the food you get? The clothes you wear? Do you feel assfucked by getting cheap, decent-quality goods? Christ you sound like a twelve year old who just subscribed to a socialist youtube channel, regurgitating the horseshit talking points they jam down your throat and pretending they're arguments.

Money can still change hands without corporations handing over an inordinate sums of money over to politicians while still being able to not call it a bribe. $20 a person can get a candidate very far if his message resonates with a lot of people. You don't need to be seeing these giant corporations hand politicians their paycheck.

You will never stop people from using capital to influence elections. Ever. PACs, Super PACs, dark money, however you want to set it up. As long as the Federal Government decides who wins and loses in our economy, people will pay huge sums of money to affect it.

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