Should Gambit have a freelance playlist?

Honestly I love facing teams in Gambit because it's not the most difficult mode. once you are still gets high enough and you start getting matched with other people that are competent, most people know what they're doing. If everyone comes in willing to play whatever role is necessary then you really give up whatever benefits playing as a team would give, and your left only with the negative aspect.. that is that since you are in a team the matchmaking system will face you against people of higher skill than if you were all solo.

People think it's a throwaway mode, and to a lot of people it is, but bungie built its foundation up just as much as crucible including skill brackets and everything. Which is why it's so difficult to take blanket criticism of Gambit so seriously when half the people that play refuse to change their loadout from any other activity and try to face tank five majors at once.

Honestly, as a guy who's got the unbroken title, and flawless title, and reckoner, for me at least there is the greatest possibility to showcase mastery of this game in Gambit compared to comp and trials. The only thing that tops it is raids with challenges. There is an incredible skill ceiling.

And yeah I'm loving the changes too, I got two massacre medals and eight defeats, it feels great when it's not getting in its own way.

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