Should Game Designers Listen to Negative Player Feedback? | Game Maker's Toolkit

I addressed literally every single response in that thread my guy so before you start agreeing with those people I’m going to implore you to read down the post so I don’t have to repeat myself.

4/7 are a good idea except for the 3 that someone didn’t like because it’s subjective. Subjective preferences is the point of the video and a major thing that the YouTuber pointed out is how making optional changes typically fixes the solution.

You say I haven’t thought about the trade offs which I find funny. Look at how many comments there are in that thread. That’s people trying to explain the trade offs and me countering their points, yet in the end 9/10 people stopped replying to me because, seemingly, they realized I was right.

“Adding more choice increases dev time and budget” go read my response to that, could use the resource/budget thing for any suggestion or criticism about a game. What! Don’t improve the graphics, that wastes dev time and energy. Don’t add in more enemy types, don’t make the story better, don’t give people the option to turn off minimaps, don’t make the game more accessible through separate difficulties, don’t waste your time making a cutscene skip, don’t give people the option to remove corpses from Darkest Dungeon, etc.

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