Should a lapsed Catholic attend Mass

Excommunicated Catholics are allowed to attend mass. Also the canon on the Sunday obligations never mentions that Catholics can not attend in mortal sin. If the canon was “so clear” that Catholics in mortal sin are not supposed to attend mass why not mention it there?

Once again article 2 does mention priests, where it makes a distinction between those participating and the priest celebrating. No where in canon law does it mention lay people “celebrating” clearly. I agree with you that canon law speaks for its self. However, I agree with the vast majority of Catholic sources. You seem to think the canon is so “clear” and proves your interpretation but yet again no one I can find agrees with you. It’s true, the Church is not a democracy but if your interpretation was the one that is “clear” from the canon, why has no one mentioned this before? I am trying to find some Catholic source that agrees with you but I truly can’t find any. That would lead me to believe you’re interpretation is not the “clear” one.

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