Should I let my TA know

I already gave my members the heads up when I told them that if they weren't going to contribute to the missing part, I'd submit myself. In response, my group mate started blaming me for not telling them what to do (when I did say that they part remained.) I initiated the convos pertaining to the project, and they were completely dismissive. Even in group "discussion" they'd stay quiet in the background and wouldn't say anything until I'd have to manually bring them into the conversation by asking them what they think.

It's a group project, and I could easily add my TA to the documents and she'd see who did the write up. I'm tripping up over the fact that they contributed but in much smaller context. For instance, one made the data sheet template, and yesterday after getting everyone together, we did the stats stuff, but even that part was half-assed as my group members tried to do the bare minimum. All of that was supposed to culminate into a report, but they didn't contribute to its writeup.

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