Should i play another eden

i've played on the JP server since release, and i just recently quit playing the game (just 2 weeks ago or so) as many others have said, it's a traditional JRPG with elements of gacha on it. combat is so-so, it's just a traditional turn-based combat, it can get really boring real fast for some people. story is great, but some might get turn off with the MC 'white knighting' everything he comes into, especially on the early game and side quests, i know i did. but as with almost every other gacha games, the story early is decent at best but it picks up later on. music is phenomenal, i'd say it's on par with Dragalia and just slightly worse than FGO and GBF. grinding on this game is hell, if i were to rank it with the other 3 games i've mentioned earlier in terms of time it takes to grind it goes like this: FGO<Another Eden=Dragalia<GBF, but the thing with Another Eden is that everything on it is completely permanent including the units (banners aren't obviously) so there's really no rush compared to the other 3. in terms of how F2P-friendly it is, there's two answers to it. if you define F2P-friendly as beating the end-game contents with just the free story units and lower rarity units, then yes it is, but if you define it by how consistent you can get premium currency and get the chance to summon you favorite units then it's a hard no. their gacha rates are shit and they're quite stingy when it comes to giving out premium currency to players, especially on end-game.

now the reason i quit is silly really, i've been playing it for close to 3 years now so the aside from the combat and grinding being really boring and repetitive, what made me quit was the recent unit releases have all been female, imagine out of the 30 most recent units released, only 6 of them were males and 3 of them were AS units (basically just a new version of an existing unit) and the other one was Morgana from the Persona 5 collab, so out of the 30 new units their was only 2 new male units. it's a crazy reason to quit but adding up that i'm not really enjoying the combat and grinding anymore, the recent unit releases also doesn't interest me anymore so what's the point.

anyway even with all that 'rant', i'd say go for it and try it, it's a really great game at the end of the day

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