Should I play Overwatch again?

If by balanced you mean hero you don't like is trash, then it's not balanced Tracer is still doesn't have a consistent counter Same for Widow and genji Role locking will prohibit 3rd tank dps or healer switch, which also killed of people that like to switch classes to contest last points and flex players, forcing you to play 1 of 3 classes limiting comp diversity to just constant 2/2/2 (can't wait for people to make 2/2/2 goats and make the forum burst into flames again) Doomfist is still bugged Lack of content for players No pve(there isbpve but blizzard have been sooo thoughtful that they locked the best mode and stress reliever behind 2 events, 1 better than the other and open them for only 2 weeks and that's excluding anniversary but it allows you to play the ones you like for like 2 days each). And finnaly, the community is as toxic as ever, who cry for brig to be nerfed because she's a scape goat, even though she didn't create triple tank, and the one hero who actually enabled goats was Lucio with his speedboost, because without him the comp would be strictly defensive, but why realise and think about when we can cry a river to have blizzard nerf the hero we don't like.

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