Should you pull on the new Banner?

Well Loligami on the other thread said that the banner is crap. Not only does the the whole "it's crap if it's not optimal" attitude rubs people off in the wrong ways, it does overlook a lot of other important gameplay aspects beyond having optimal team to OHKO everything.

For starters, it's not really realistic to assume that everyone has anything close to optimal teams, especially if you are F2P. Sure Pikkon may not be high in the pecking order in his respective teams, SSK is actually pretty close to optimal on both Super PHY and Heroes. And unless you are stacked in both deck, he is a solid addition considering how much easier it is to pull him(90 stones for very good chance of pulling SSK vs 450 stones for a ~60% chance of pulling a SSJ4).

And like we've agreed on our other conversations ATK debuffers like Pikkon have niche use that is actually great if you don't have an optimal lead. TEQ Pikkon made SV/SSBK a joke with Gogeta lead, and STR Pikkon can do the same for Omega lead or for non-optimal lead. The combination of his debuff and excellent Ki passive/links means that he is going to have a lot of longevity in him, even if his firepower becomes complete obsolete in terms of firepower (very similar to AGL Golden Frieza).

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