Should Riley be a Bumgarner target? Austin Riley is raking

He wouldn't be a rental if they trade for Bumgarner before July. Teams like the Braves because they're small market get compensation pick following the 30th pick. Say they trade for Bumgarner now and he walks as a Free agent later this year. If Bumgarner signs a contract worth more than $50 million with a new team The Braves get something between the 31-33 draft pick of the 2020 Lottery. They would just be exchanging one prospect for another basically. Any trade of Bumgarner to Atlanta will have this taken into consideration. The Braves could cry rental and them being a small market, but getting back the number #31 pick of the next draft isn't anything for them to cry about. I could see the Braves wanting to protect their best two-three prospects, but if they go down that road where all their prospects are too valuable, Fuck them. Teams cry too much about prospects.

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