Should I Sell my home while the market is hot?

My personal and step views.

I think you didn’t do the math completely. Assuming your the value you bought is 450k and it appreciated by 50k. Your return on investment every month = the principal component of your loan. Average home ownership of 7 years, the average principal per month ~ 700$ and in a year it would be $8400. If you rent out in the area, ~2500/month rent. Your expense is 30k/year. I always tell my friends, renting is crime in US. (In general).

There are stretches of 5-7 year period where the house loses its value and hence equity or investment goes under water. But what about the next 5 years after it. Explosive growth. The loss is unrealized till you sell.

It’s not DoorDash subscription where you will shut off if things are worse, YOU NEED A HOME TO STAY irrespective of any market.

Keep calm and fucking ignore what the market is whispering, because it’s your PRIMARY RESIDENCE.

Not teaching basic excel, personal finance at school is another crime across the world. Again it’s my opinion.

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