Should i start by just eliminating porn and only than no pmo?

I will tell you that I personally had a few 1 week streaks but I didn’t really succeed until I stopped piecemeal like that.

I quit porn 7 weeks ago now and kept edging/mo/ fantasy going for basically a whole month after that. I got now 3 1/2 weeks no mo/fantasy/ edging at all.

It helped me to stop gradually like that. But I do personally think edging was worse for me than just cumming quickly. And I think I was more a fantasy addict than porn itself.

I went right into a flatline 3.5 weeks ago. Penis was totally dead. No arousal possible. Very disturbing. I actually went to a dr and got checked out but my testosterone is high and things look good but I got pills because I’m starting a new relationship. I’ve held off sex because I didn’t think I could even do it.

Signs of life and urges are returning though. I’m 33 so that probably makes a difference. I started fapping like a normal kid probably in ages past just rubbing myself and holy shit what’s this stuff that came out, porn came later on. I also had decent sexual relationships all throughout my life but the last few years I really relied on pmo and fried my brain with fantasy dopamine I think

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