Should I tell my 20[F] friend how I really feel about her?

I told her my feelings. She told me she felt the same 5-6 months ago. She likes to ease into relationship. Where we end up as friends and eventually go into one.

In February she told me she lost feelings through text, I was ofc sad but I messaged her how I felt. She texted me the whole night. Asked to be my partner for classes so we spend a lot of time together.

I talked with a friend and there’s nothing to say then she has no feelings really.

I tried my best bro. Idk what happened she just lost feelings out of no where. When we hang out it’s like nothing happened. We still treat each other the same. I’m scared if I pursue that’s gonna change for the worse.

What upsets me really is during these times she texted me telling me everything going on last week. I double texted her this week no response. I called her, she doesn’t like calls and rarely answers them doesn’t matter who it is. But she doesn’t reply. In all honesty I don’t care about my pride I just want to know if she’s safe, if her family is safe, and if they need supplies I’ll do a run. First time I haven’t seen or texted her in a week.

I feel like I already know her answer. She’ll feel bad but won’t tell me and say she has no feelings if I do tell her in person. Something like that.

I feel like there is no game. She told me how she felt. She already knows somewhat how I feel about her. I just can’t accept it, I’m still on her and overthink things. I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to forget memories we had. If it was up to me I wouldn’t want any of that to go away. But it’s so hard. She wants to stay friends, trust me I do too. But I fell for her already and it’s so hard to act like we are just friends. I kissed her on the cheek last week, lifted her up, she smiled laughed and blushed we talked the whole day.

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