Should I tell my friend's boyfriend that she cheated on him with her boss?

Hahahaha some guy who has never met me calls me disgusting?

You guys never even met the boyfriend she’s referring to. She could be ratting her best friend out to an absolute cheating piece of shit who treats her like shit behind closed doors and she doesn’t even know it because her friend never told her (which winded up being the case in a personal example I witnessed. You can read my original comment, where i explain the whole story.)

Clearly someone doesn’t know what sexism is. Sexism would be saying it’s ok for guys to not tell but girls have to. I’m being absolutely equal by saying, most guys wouldn’t tell, so why should she? She’s living in a fantasy if she thinks her boyfriend’s friends would tell on him if he cheated. Some guys do, but most don’t.

Lmfao I’m just a realist, and the truth is she needs to get ready to be left in the dust. OP wouldn’t be here asking for advice if she didn’t give a shit about her friendship. She clearly wants to stay friends with her, and she will be backstabbing her if she tells to a guy this girl might not be with in a few months. That’s the sad hard truth.

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