Should I text? Missing my MM

Well, a couple nights ago I told him it hurt when he didn’t text me to say he got home ok, two nights in a row (he was at two different things after work, and out late, and he always asks me to text him when I get home, so...). I told him and it essentially started a huge blow out, but I think our Sunday meetup is still on?

Anyways, my point is that, Friday was crazy. Because our meetup was so close, and he was so fucked up because he felt so bad, he half ghosted me and ignored half my texts about whether said meetup was still on. Of course I went to crazy town, worried I was losing him, etc.

What I learned from that experience is this:

  • Don’t expect your MM to be emotionally invested in you, to the same extent you are with them. I know there are lots of MMs who post here who don’t seem to be nearly so obtuse but I think this is a good general rule.

  • Find something else to do, when you’re missing him. I’m not saying stop missing him, (you can’t help your feelings), I’m saying beat that missing down until it doesn’t get into your “real life.”

  • don’t text him more than 3 messages in a row without a response. If you’re itching to text more, go find something else to do.

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