"It [The US] should be at the top as that is where the brains are. If in the middle it just shows being the wallet the others count on." In a list of North American countries sorted alphabetically

I doubt that there's a strong enough base of the religious right in Canada for that to be viable strategy for a national party. Evangelists and Baptists - specifically the typically very socially conservative Southern Baptists - are relatively few in number in Canada (vs Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, and Presbyterians), which are usually the hardline right wing of Christianity in the USA. Not that other varieties of Christianity cannot be fundamentalist, it's just that these denominations mostly aren't. Also, generally speaking, the Canadian government and society at large is more secular than American government and society.

It's tempting to extrapolate American cultural phenomena to Canada, but there are many demographic, political, and historical differences that prevent many American concepts from making it north of the border. If the Tories make a play to pander for the small minority of religiously conservative Christian Canadians, it may alienate the secular financial conservatives and middle of the road voters.

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