We Should Trade Lebron. There I Said It.

Dude this isn’t the 80s, you don’t get anywhere with players like AC green. Talent is at an all time high and LeBron literally brings in the most amount of revenue a single superstar can bring to a franchise anyways. On top of that, LeBron is un-tradable because 29 other teams would laugh at your stupidity. You don’t even entertain the thought of trading the second greatest player of all time without his permission.

Yeah you’re a lifelong Kobe fan, but even you can’t be dumb enough to not realize that Kobe and LeBron aren’t even on the same tier anymore. LeBron is just on another tier. We stuck through a washed Kobe because he was our superstar. Sure LeBron isn’t a lifelong laker but he is our superstar now and it will only benefit us to stick it out with him until he makes the decision to leave, and despite that, he’s still one the best players in the league at age 37-38.

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