Should I try going to therapy? Looking for advice & previous experiences & results!

I feel your pain. Depression is horrible... and when you layer on anxiety it can make life hard... the littlest things seem impossible.

As for therapy, it hasn’t helped me much. They pretty much either tell you what you already know or what they presume you want to hear.

Neil Diamond’s Song “I Am I Said”, is a great testament to that very sentiment. He wrote the song over a long depressive time of his life after his marriage had failed. He spent years in therapy for his depression following the loss of the relationship.

The Lines:

I am I said, To no one there, And no one heard me, not even the chair...

  • He only over a decade after the song was released revealed and admitted what “the chair” was. It was his daily therapist.

He realized he was just talking to a chair... not someone who really cared.

That said... You shouldn’t not consider therapy, especially if you can find a therapist you can bond with.

But ultimately to combat depression you need to take a multi-dimensional approach to healing. You need to break down where the problems are... and fix each one individually.

  • Are you Exercising?
  • Is your Diet healthy? Vitamins?
  • Is your circadian rhythm in check?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Do you have friends?
  • Are you as educated as you are intelligent?
  • Family? Parents? People you can talk to?
  • Do you have substance abuse or drinking issues?

You need to plug the holes that contribute to depression. Fix them. Do what is necessary to get better. Because depression is tragic. It can wreck your life.

Perhaps an antidepressant could help. I personally hate them, but am currently on Paxil. Which, after trying a lot of ADs I think is helping a bit. Its more for Anxiety, but can ease depression.

Also. A daily dose of 500mg of Tylenol in the AM has been proven to ease depressive feelings.

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