Should I be worried about my BF ignoring me during sex?

well. honestly, if it was hurting you, and he was not listening, why not move? was he pinning you down to the point you couldn't move out of the position? im sure you could have done something other than "ahh no that's hurting!" and some guys sort of like that..but want to keep it up...but its all in the mood and what's actually happening.

for me. if I didn't like it, and it was actually hurting me, I would move. use my something for them to stop. and if they don't..then there is a huge problem. but just voicing it...saying ouch stop...and not moving ... shouldn't be going to conclusions of being raped. its not the same. you agreed to have sex with him at that time...and yeah he was shitty for not stopping, but I wouldnt go to the extreme and say it was rape. but I was not there, and I don't know the circumstances on the situation.

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