Why shouldn’t voting rights be limited to only educated people (eg. studied for a min.of 10years), esp. in developing economies with low literacy levels? Or have weighted votes with highest weight assigned to PhDs and so on.

Just for the record, I have 3 degrees Mathematics, Comp Sci and an M.B.A. Who the hell are you or I to speak for the others in life as if we are better? Who the hell do you think you are? You feel superior? Let me be the FIRST to tell you that you are NOT! I have worked with many great people who get paid half as much and work twice as hard! Sooo, what is your stance? Speak up. Lay it all out for all of Reddit to see. What makes you think you have the same opinion and can represent single mothers, dads working 12 hours in a factory or people working for minimum wage? I did it. I saw it. I worked my way to the top. You feel you went through life the same as they have? We all have different stories. You are a fool. So, again, describe who you are! Educated with daddy's money? What minimum wage job have you held to support a family? Specifically, what the hell have you done in life that makes you feel superior and can represent others? Are you Democrat or Republican? Please do not say Democrat.

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