I think we shouldn't hate pedophiles as much as we do.

That doesn't mean he's not gay

I never said a pedophile isn't a pedophile.

There is a reason why someone hates something.

The gay person would hate himself because of society saying it's false to be that way, so he gets distress (hates being gay or watching that porn) but without that reason he wouldn't hate it at all, he wouldn't even know there is something "wrong" and therefore to hate about himself, cuz nobody would care or say something.

Why should a pedophile hate the stuff that attracts him the most?

Pedos never hate the attraction or get distress by itself, only a POCD sufferer does that. Pedos would only get distress by the fact that they can't act on it, need to live secretly at all times, otherwise being outed etc. but never hate the attraction.

A pedophile is someone that is attracted to children, not someone that hates the attraction to children.

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