Show of hands, who here is still experiencing multiple symptoms more than 2 weeks after diagnosis?


31/M, former smoker (since the new year), currently vape vuse Alto. 2-4 drinks per day, no known health conditions.

/Presumptive./ Awaiting test results. Been sick for no less than 25 days.

Started with mild sore throat in the evenings. Gradually became severe. Seems to be tonsillitis? Strep? Whatever it is, it's something I've never had before.

3/04 - 3/10 Couldn't swallow at all. Spent the night getting up every 30 minutes to gargle hot water or get in a steamy shower. Called in the next morning on the 5th. Cannot stress how serious this sore throat was. Next morning I feel basically fine. Pattern continues, horrible by night, relatively good by day. Sore throat seems to start waning. Extremely mild dry cough begins, only in evening. I checked in with my cousin who is a pharmacist, and we agree that since I only have a mild cough and no signs of fever I do not need to go to doctor. Fatigue, lots of sleeping, missed 4 days of work.

Also, around this time I was having some neck stiffness. I further injured myself trying to stretch and pop it, causing acute soreness on the left side.

3/11 - 3/17 Throat/ tonsil pain still occurs in the evenings but seems to be getting better. Then all of a sudden, I find that I can't breathe when I fall asleep. *Not the typical covid shortness of breath. Within seconds to minutes drifting off immediately awake gasping for air. I try hot salt water, showers, multiple medicines. I have an urge to cough but it is easily suppressed. Feels like I have something in my lungs/throat that is choking me only when I lay down. I start voluntarily coughing like a maniac but can't get anything up, even after taking Mucinex. Pharmacist cousin suggest I have a swollen uvula. Seems likely. Try sleeping on stomach to no avail. Situation is so frustrating and anxiety inducing it's not worth trying to sleep. This goes on for 2 nights. Still no suspicion of fever (don't own a thermometer), though I have been taking aspirin. Vaping seems to really aggravate throat and cough so I abstain. Occasionally I will bum a smoke or take a few puffs off the 99 cent gas station cigars. Neck still hurts from injury a week prior.

3/18 - 3/23 The sore throat has finally subsides and I feel I am on the mend at last. However, I still feel tired and unwell, which I attribute to poor diet, maybe drinking too much. Dry cough is still mild, but not improving. I had planned a vacation to DC from 19th to 24th, which I cancelled, but decided to stay home from work and rest. Muscle and joint aches, as well as stiffness in neck are getting more pronounced, along with some new lower back aches, and pains in hands and feet, but I can easily explain it away (diet, sleep, lack of exercise, etc). Woke up sweating two separate nights. No chills, and still no concern of major fever. Nobody has a thermometer in stock. Started back vaping, though it seems to aggravate cough, so keeping it very limited.

3/21 Diarrhea begins, 2 to 3 times daily. Mild nausea. Body aches and fatigue getting worse.

3/24 Went back to work. 2 co-workers are out sick. Everyone is being as cautious as possible. GI symptoms now have me thinking I could have covid. I've told everyone about my symptoms and that I could possibly have it. I coughed once or twice at work. Extremely tired by end of day. Quit drinking, no withdrawals.

3/25 Coughing a bit worse in the morning and can't go to work in good conscience. Diarrhea persists, pain and fatigue at their worst. Nurse at drive thru site approves me for a test. Body temp was normal (I did however take Tylenol for pain in the AM). Results expected in 2 - 5 days.

3/26 - present Woke up sweaty, feeling awful. Skin is burning and face is red as a beet. Diarrhea continues though is perhaps getting better. Fever and body aches seem to come and go. Also headaches. I'm stuck in bed most of the day, with my neck to tense to get comfy, and then I'll suddenly get a burst of life and go walk the block.

Cough persists same as ever- perhaps a bit worse lately, but very mild. Symptoms generally worse at night, though today was pretty rough and I feel pretty solid now at 3 in the morning.

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