Welcome to late stage capitalism people, this is the stage where large corporations try to suffocate any local or start up business by jacking up prices of necessities. This causes the producers of necessities to increase their prices because they need to eat too. All of these variables lead to younger generations to be robbed of almost any opportunity to truly thrive and have a successful, fulfilled life. Property moguls are buying massive chunks of land to build town houses and apartment complexes so they can set the prices for a vast majority of sheltering (why we’ve seen rent rates inflate at record breaking rates, very little competition). This is pretty cruel because the prices of apartments have gone up so high to the point where it’s nearly impossible to save money while renting, making it nearly impossible for these young people to get a house of their own, which would mean less money going to the moguls. We are not in a recession as corporations are recording record breaking profits over the past year, this simply boils down to corporate greed. These CEO’s and owners of big box companies have the phone numbers of other CEO’s, owners, and government officials which allows them to coordinate similar price inflation while keeping it “legal” by technically not being a monopoly and if it gets a little fishy, they start lobbying the government officials to persuade that they are still abiding the law. These people don’t need to retire because they’re literally just pulling strings to watch their fortunes grow exponentially, so in other words, i don’t think we’re anywhere close to that light at the end of the tunnel… strap in, these next 5-10 years are going to be very rough for about 70% of the population, and 20% of the last 30 will experience a big change in lifestyle, leaving that last 10% to become disgustingly wealthy. Not even going to bring up the suggestions congress are bringing up to decrease our international debt, figured this post is already dealing quite a bit of anxiety.

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