Show me what you got

I... I don't know what to say? You're obviously not content to fuck up your own life, you have to push it to levels that make everyone else uncomfortable as well. So since you already seem at peace with being the closest thing to moldy swiss cheese that many people will ever see, I guess the only option is to press the question to what led you to this imbecilic place in life.

I'm guessing the room you're in--where I assume you live--is your tattoo and/or drug dealer's spare room? Notice he put you in the front; that's so when someone who actually cares about their life is threatened by the people they've wronged, you're the first line of meat-shield defense. You have what looks to be a flannel-graph on your wall; did you steal that from a 3rd grade Sunday school class? Helicopter parents get a bad rep, but if your parents really loved you they would have locked you in the basement until you proved that your brain had developed to a mature state. You look like what I assume the 30-years-along result of a family that has no problem with their 3rd grader playing concussion-ball would be.

Edit: I just watched the video you linked; I try not to let other people's comments affect my judgment. So what I've gathered is that even the biker gang won't accept you, because you think you're a different species. Do you know that no matter how hard you try, you'll never be different than the rest of us? And at your age (though I truly can't tell whether you're actually over 45 or if your body "alterations" have just taken their toll), I expect you to grow out of your rebellion phase and actually find a purpose for your life, besides upsetting Bill's in-the-field "reporters."

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